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Tips For Choosing Sexual Harassment Training Programs!

Having a workplace that understands sexual harassment and its consequences can help employers a great deal in maintaining a friendly environment for their workforce. Sexual harassment refers to making sexual comments, cracking sexual jokes, asking for sexual favors, or outright sexual advances and assaults. When all of this happens at a workplace, it is called sexual harassment. It creates an uncomfortable environment for employees and hampers growth. However, you can prevent all of this with the help of sexual harassment training programs that are effectively designed to stop harassment in the workplace. 

A few things might help you choose the perfect training program for your employees. We have made a list of such things below to help you choose only the best course for your employees. 

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

  1. Know Your Budget 

With each passing day, more and more workplaces realize the importance of sexual harassment training programs. Thus, to meet demand, many providers offer their training programs at varying costs. Before you start looking for a course for your employees, you should allocate a fixed sum from your budget. You can then list providers offering the courses you need and compare them for their charges. Doing this will help you choose the most affordable courses for your employees.

  1. The Course Should Comply With State Law

When choosing sexual harassment training programs, you must select those that cover all your needs. These needs often depend upon the state laws where your business is located. We say this because you need to know that there are differences in various state laws regarding sexual harassment. Different states might have different definitions of sexual harassment or other ways of reporting and prosecuting the offense. Thus, when you choose a training program, you must ensure that it aligns with your state’s sexual harassment law and covers all aspects.

  1. Easy to Comprehend 

The main reason you go for a sexual harassment training program is that you and your employees might not be able to understand the legal jargon involved in the sexual harassment laws. Therefore, the program you choose must make it easy for your employees to decode the law and clearly understand what sexual harassment is. They must also understand the consequences of it in simple terms. Thus, while choosing a program, make sure it is designed to simplify things. 

  1. It Should Be Engaging

It is seen that employees tend to treat a sexual harassment course as something that they might use as a break from their regular hectic schedule. And if you choose a course that is not engaging, there are more chances that they will not be paying much attention to its details and will not benefit the way you want them to. Thus, it is essential for the course you choose to be engaging and interactive so that your workforce actively takes part.

Get Our Sexual Harassment Training Courses! 

We understand that finding sexual harassment training programs that match all the criteria can be challenging, especially when you already have the charge of handling a workplace. Therefore, for your help, Evolve e-Learning Solutions brings you the best training programs for your employees that keep all the essential aspects in mind. Our courses help keep your workforce informed about sexual harassment and its consequences. Reach out to us to know more about us and our services.

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5 Questions Related to Online Sexual Harassment Training Answered

Online sexual harassment at the workplace is any unwelcome sexual advance or conduct done by any organization’s employee culminating in creating a hostile and offensive work culture. The person encountering sexual harassment on any digital platform makes him feel threatened, exploited, and humiliated in the organization. To maintain a healthy work culture and make the employees feel safe and secure, all employees of the organization should participate in online workplace harassment training. Many employees might have specific questions related to the online training course. We have tried to answer some questions about the harassment training program often asked by employees. 

Online Sexual Harassment Training

  1. Why Should I Register In Online Sexual Harassment Training? 

It is the most frequently asked question. The reason employees should participate in the online workplace harassment training is to become aware of all types of harassment that may occur at the workplace. Employees being ignorant about the harassment might not retaliate to the harassment. However, with appropriate guidance on moral and immoral codes of conduct, they can curb harassment at the workplace. The training will benefit the employee and the organization. 

  1. How Can I Apply The Knowledge Acquired In The Workplace?  

After becoming aware of all the topics related to online sexual harassment, the employees can implement various strategies to curb the cases of sexual harassment at the workplace. The knowledge acquired by participating in the training can be used by the employees when they see harassment at the workplace. Next time, when employees encounter any case of sexual harassment happening around them, they know how to tackle such harassment in a meaningful way. Employees also become aware of the anti-harassment laws through the training that can be applied when needed.

  1. How Can I Be Sure That I Have Learned Everything Related To The Training? 

Acquiring knowledge is one thing, and using it is different. Sometimes, employees might not retain everything a training session has taught them. In that case, after the session, employees can go through the assessment or short puzzles to know how much they have learned about the online workplace harassment training. The training makes employees capable of taking action and decisions whenever any sexual harassment incident occurs in the organization.

  1. Should Only Employees Be Provided With Anti-Harassment Training? 

Creating a harassment-free work culture is the duty of every employer. The anti-harassment training is for all employees working in different hierarchies. Therefore, the participation of every member is essential. Harassment is an offense. The culprit can be a manager, supervisor, or employee. Participation of all is vital to creating and fostering a healthy work culture. 

  1. Is There Any Time Frame To Participate In Training?  

The purpose of online workplace harassment training is to make employees aware of multiple aspects of sexual harassment. These training courses are flexible and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Employees do not need to complete all the modules at once. They can go through them at their convenience. 

Participate In Online Training For Employees Today! 

Taking part in anti-harassment online training for employees is a first step towards curbing and eliminating online harassment. If your organization wants to participate in an anti-harassment training program, reach out to Evolve E-Learning Solutions. We provide organizations with multiple training courses complimenting their organization’s needs.

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