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Different Programs For Sexual Harassment Training For Employees

The participation of an organization’s employees in sexual harassment training for employees has become the need of the hour to create a safe and protected workplace for every employee. These training programs can help a lot in mitigating the cases of sexual harassment in the workplace. Suppose you are an employer of an organization and want to develop a harassment-free work culture. In that case, you can invest in the following course and programs meant to educate employees about harassment and its repercussions. Check them out below. 

Training Courses and Programs to train Your Employees 

Encouraging all your employees to enroll in a sexual harassment course is the first step toward promoting a healthy and safe organization. You can choose from the following programs and help employees learn everything about sexual harassment and the steps to overcome it. 

Sexual Harassment Training

  1. Preventing Sexual Harassment for Employees in Illinois

This course is meant to help employees learn about harassment. It makes them aware of the various Illinois laws and several issues of sexual harassment that occur in the workplace. Through scenarios, text, and audio, the employees will understand their responsibility and the necessary protocols they need to follow when they witness any case of harassment at the workplace. The course duration is 35 Minutes and can be delivered on time.

  1. Preventing Sexual Harassment for Employees – New York Training

If your company is located in New York, you can enroll in Preventing Sexual Harassment for Employees – New York Training program. The program provides employees an awareness of several New York laws and the problems that sexual harassment can create for both employees and the organization. Under this sexual harassment training for employees, they would learn how to report sexual harassment and the necessary ways to prevent it in the organization. The duration of this program is 30 Minutes and can be delivered anytime on the organization’s demand. 

  1. Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers

The contribution of every employee is essential to creating a safe working environment for everyone, and supervisors and managers are no exception. This sexual harassment training for supervisors and managers provides them with essential skills to identify and prevent any harassment in the workplace. The managers will learn how to handle harassment complaints and create a safe work culture. The length of the training program is 35 Minutes and is available in English. 

  1. Preventing Sexual Harassment for Managers – New York

If your company is located in New York, you can opt for Preventing Sexual Harassment for Managers – New York. Through the training course, the managers will learn more about the necessary laws of New York regarding harassment and how to formulate and implement anti-harassment policies in the organization. This course is not only meant for the managers, but all the people working in the higher hierarchy of the organization. 

Develop a Harassment-Free Company with Us! 

Participating in sexual harassment training for employees, supervisors, and managers is the first step toward reducing and eliminating the causes of harassment in the workplace. Suppose you want your employees to participate in an anti-harassment training program and connect with Evolve e-Learning Solutions.  We deliver companies with various types of training courses that fit the company’s requirements. Feel free to contact us for more information and a free course evaluation.

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4 Top Reasons Why Incident Reporting Is Essential

While all workplaces are bound to suffer from occasional safety incidents, many employees do not report them promptly. They refuse to do it because they believe it will not yield any results, or their managers might fail to investigate those unwanted events or happenings. Whether you are a small-size business owner or a global player, you should motivate your staff to conduct incident reporting. It will help understand the root cause of different safety incidents and develop successful measures to prevent them from happening in the future. 

Although many companies are committed to offering their employees different online OSHA training for healthcare professionals, they neglect to focus on the crucial incident reporting. 

Enhance Your Workplace Safety With Incident Reporting

Incident reporting is crucial since it helps management, and organizations understand how safety incidents affect their employee’s overall health and well-being. Also, conducting it can offer them valuable ways to enhance the safety levels and reduce unwanted stress and tension caused by the unfortunate safety incidents. Read on to find out the top reasons incident reporting is significant, just as the other online OSHA training for healthcare professionals.

Incident Reporting

  1. Help Identify Hazards & Give a Heads-Up to The Management

When employees begin to report specific unacceptable safety incidents which occurred with someone they know or themselves, it helps the management in particular ways. First, they realize the problem areas that need to be looked after. Secondly, it helps them identify potential deficiencies in their company that need to be fixed adequately. Many incident reports form also assist the staff in offering strategic ways to learn barriers that can help prevent the unfortunate events from recurring and transforming into major accidents or disasters.

  1. Reduce the Number of Recurring Incidents & Other Safety Accidents

While investigations and other types of partial reporting may only prove beneficial in understanding the factors which cause the accident and offering optimum feedback regarding different incident scenarios, incident reporting does much more. It helps address the accident-causing factors and take crucial steps to decrease the frequency of repeated incidents. Thus, saving many employees from facing the same situation or preventing future incidents.

  1. Implement a Safety Culture & Boost Employee Morale

Another reason why incident reporting is beneficial is that it helps recognize the various root causes of severe safety incidents and enhances employee morale. Also, employees’ attitude toward their health and safety issues is considerably improved, and they begin to feel committed to maintaining healthy and safe office spaces. Employees will contribute skillfully to decisions regarding implementing new safety precautions and will dedicatedly fight back against different safety hazards. 

  1. Companies can Save Huge Costs With Prompt Incident Reporting

When safety incidents and other accidents are reported promptly, organizations are bound to save more money. With time, the incidents reported soon enough do not cause the company to suffer from costly expenses. If you also want resilient safety cultures to become the new normal, especially in the healthcare industry, you should begin to understand the significance of incident reporting. Also, don’t forget to include incident reporting in your online OSHA training for medical offices and your organization’s work culture.

Conduct Professional Incident Reporting in Healthcare With Us!

If you are searching for professionals who can help your organization conduct OSHA training for healthcare professionals and other efficient incident reporting, you can contact Evolve e-Learning Solutions. Reach out to us to know more about our expert incident reporting training course.

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Everything You Must Know About Patient Abuse & Neglect Training

Abuse and neglect can happen to any patient in any form. The intentional or negligent actions by nurses and caregivers that can harm the patients are deemed patient abuse. It can be physical, mental, or sexual. However, it has been seen that patients with mental or physical disabilities or elder patients are usually at a higher risk of abuse and neglect. That’s why it is necessary to have proper training and prevention methods to stop such acts. OSHA compliance courses of patient abuse & neglect training would help end such practice in this era of growth and development. Keep on reading to get the inside scoop of the training in detail.

Patient Abuse & Neglect Training

What is Patient Abuse and Neglect?

Numerous patients suffer from abuse, and cases go unreported and unrecognized due to less knowledge of detecting and reporting abuse. Abuse can consist of physical, neglect, financial, sexual, and verbal abuse that can take place in any institutional or community setting among any group. Patient abuse refers to intentional harm to a patient, whereas neglect is when any caretaker or nurse does not meet a patient’s essential needs.

What are the Types of Patient Abuse? 

Abuse can lead to devastating consequences, including physical and emotional harm and even death. Below, we are mentioning some of the kinds of abuses that a patient needs to face:

  1. Sexual Abuse

Patients can be sexually assaulted by in-home caretakers or even the nurse. Unwanted touch, sexual contact, or groping all is considered sexual abuse. Sadly, this type of crime is usually committed against elderly people and those who are disabled and not able to give any response. To prevent such abuses in your organization, you must go for OSHA medical training for healthcare. 

  1. Physical Abuse

Physical abuse of patients occurs when they suffer physical injuries and bodily harm. They can be punched, kicked, and shoved. They can even be tied up with rope or something similar. Some common signs of physical abuse are bleeding, swelling, or broken bones. OSHA safety courses for healthcare workers would help to get away from such abuses. 

  1. Emotional and Psychological Abuse

Emotional and psychological abuse is the most common type of abuse that a patient may face. In this type of abuse, a patient gets insulted and even receives threats. A patient may develop long-term psychological problems like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety. Some common signs of emotional and psychological abuse are isolation, mood swings, irregular sleeping and eating patterns, and even being scared.

  1. Financial Abuse

Financial abuse refers to that type of abuse when staff steals money or something valuable from the patient by manipulation and fraud. The abuser may steal a patient’s credit card, cash, or other valuables without their consent. OSHA compliance courses for Patient Abuse and neglect training would provide in-depth knowledge of such abuses and how to get rid of them.

How Can Patient Abuse and Neglect Training Help?

  • Through this training, your staff will get to know all types of patient abuse and its characteristics.
  • Learn how to recognize common signs of patient abuse and neglect.
  • Determinate the importance of prompt reporting and proper documentation.
  • Clarify ways to prevent patient abuse and neglect.

This training will eventually help your organization grow into a safer and more secure place.

Get the Best Training for Healthcare Workers with Us!

Evolve e-Learning Solutions provides one of the best OSHA courses for healthcare workers and medical offices. OSHA courses are developed for healthcare organizations that help to ensure that the medical staff has the knowledge and skills to work safely and protect the organization from abuses. Contact us today to make the staffing industry ready and keep the organization free from abuse.

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Everything You Need To Know About OSHA Medical Training!

Hospitals or other medical facilities can become one of the most unsafe places to work for your employees if they do not have adequate OSHA medical training. These employees are exposed to chemicals, drugs, and infec犀利士
tious diseases every day. Unless they have the proper training, they are at risk of degrading their mental and physical health and can also put others, including patients, at risk. Thus, OSHA regulations require employers to have specific rules and a mechanism for their workers to follow to ensure their safety, security, and good health.

Medicare Compliance Training

Why is OSHA Medical Training Important? 

As already mentioned, healthcare workers are constantly exposed to health hazards like disease-causing pathogens, medical waste, and radiation from medical equipment. It puts their health at risk, and there is always a chance of injury or disease. With adequate OSHA Medical Training, healthcare staff become aware of these risks. It also trains them in handling these hazards to reduce the risks associated with them. 

Key OSHA Standards to be Followed by Healthcare Professionals 

OSHA is authorized by an act of congress to issue standards to be followed by all healthcare professionals. These standards, nine in number, are listed below for your help.

  • Hazard Communication Standard– To ensure that employees understand the hazards associated with the chemicals and drugs in the medical facility. 
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Standard-  Employees should understand the risks associated with bloodborne pathogens and handle them with care. 
  • Ionizing Radiation Standard- This hazard applies to facilities having X-Ray services. Employers should make sure that there are restricted areas to prevent radiation exposure. It should also be made sure that workers handling the X-Ray machines do it wearing protective gear only. 
  • Exit Routes Standards- Employers should have emergency exit routes to ensure safe evacuation in case of any mishappening. 
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)- Employers should ensure that workers are provided with PPEs if required.
  • Fire Safety Standard- There should be a mechanism in place for the safety of the workers and the staff if a fire breaks out. 
  • Emergency Action Plan – The employer should have an emergency action plan in place and train his employees beforehand on what needs to be done if there is an emergency.
  • Medical and First Aid Standard- Employers should ensure medical and first-aid supplies for employees and staff. 

Know About OSHA Compliance Courses! 

While there are so many things employers need to do to ensure the safety and security of their employees at their workplace, it is always good to have some help. OSHA compliance courses can help you provide your workers with the required training. These courses are designed to inform employees about the various hazards they will be facing while they work. These also make sure that all the OSHA standards that we have just mentioned above are followed during the training. 

Get OSHA Medical Certification! 

Many medical certification courses can help you train your healthcare employees and make your workplace safe, secure, and OSHA-compliant. 

These courses are designed as per the needs and the required standards. You can reach out to Evolve e-Learning Solutions, which provides OSHA compliance courses, to learn more about these.

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