The very first step for getting a job is interview. The candidates have to go through various rounds of interview before getting their dream job. Well, most of us think that it’s just candidates who need to prepare themselves for  interviews, but that is not true at all.

The management staff of any organisation needs the training before scheduling any interview to maintain the decoram and standards of the organisation.

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A well trained interviewers can easily select the best potential candidate among hundreds of candidates. An expert one can easily test the knowledge and suitability of candidate for a particular role in their organization.

The reason behind interview skills training of mangers is that in case if interviewer fails to ask the right questions and chooses a wrong candidate, the organization will suffer in the future.

As per the survey, approximately 20% of employees feel they have been mistreated during the interview process. Sometimes due to lack of professionalism, interviewers focus more on the gender, age or look of the candidate rather than their talent.

Some managers  ask about marital status, age, planning to have children or not, where your accent is from, religious belief, sexual orientation, etc of the candidates. All these questions are clear signs of lack of expertise in taking interviews and can down the morale of a candidate.

It is important that the candidate feel confident as well as comfortable at the same time. All this can happen only if trained manger is involved in the process.

Why online interview skills training?

Proper interview skills training for the managers is important so that no one will be mistreated in the interview process.

An untrained manager taking interview can damage the reputation of the company and might change the perception of candidate towards the company.

Unprofessional interviews attract many candidates for vacant positions, but your company will get at the risk of tarnishing its own reputation. Better to train the manager or any interviewer of any organization before conducting the interview process.

One can also undergo interview skill course to get expertise in conducting interviews.


The interview is a two-way process. Therefore the responsibility of interview lies on the arms of both interviewer and interviewee. If you are looking for online interview skills trainingyou can reach to Evolve e-learning.