EEO compliance training is intended to help organizations eliminate any harassment and discrimination based on gender, color, race, religion, nationality, age, and more. EEO stands for Equal Employment Opportunity, and the training is provided to create a discrimination-free work culture. 

Employees in an organization can be adversely affected by unlawful discrimination. It is essential for them to differentiate between lawful and unlawful types of behavior and achieve it through EEO compliance training.  The training helps employees understand the fundamentals of discrimination, the types of discrimination that can occur, and why they should keep the stereotypes and biases from festering inside the organization. 

The training encourages employees to report the suspected and witnessed discrimination to their managers when the need arises. Employees who know to identify, prevent, and report any form of discrimination create and maintain an inclusive work culture. 

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Concepts of EEO Compliance Training for Managers and Supervisors

EEO compliance training for managers and supervisors helps educate the staff against any form of discrimination through the following key concepts. 

  • An understanding of types of discrimination and its aftermath for employees and the organization.
  • The significance of reporting discriminatory incidences.
  • The importance of respect at the workplace.
  • Highlights of non-retaliation policy.
  • An introduction to unconscious bias.
  • A brief introduction to discriminatory slang to be avoided at the workplace.
  • The role played by employees in reporting any unethical behavior.
  • How employees can overcome preconceived stereotypes and biases.
  • A comprehensive guide on anti-discriminatory laws.
  • A reminder of the company’s commitment to maintaining a discrimination and harassment-free culture.
  • A description of protected categories/protected characteristics.
  • How stereotypes and bias can lead to discrimination.

Is it necessary to provide EEO compliance training for managers and supervisors? 

All managers and supervisors also need to participate in EEO compliance training just like employees of the organization. Some topics covered under the training are just meant for the employers and supervisors. They learn to avoid mistakes through the topics if the company receives any charge of discrimination. The training provides them with the necessary steps they can take when an employee reports a case of harassment. 

As a part of the senior management, they are the ones who come to know about any case of harassment that might have taken place in the organization. Therefore, the duty to successfully handle the case falls on them. Training will help them investigate the incidences of discrimination in a better way. 

Final Words 

Participating in EEO compliance training and EEOC training for managers helps an organization to maintain a discrimination-free work culture. If you want to enroll in EEO compliance training courses or need to incorporate them into your Learning Management System, you can reach out to Evolve e-Learning Solutions. They are a trustworthy and reliable online training platform with different online training courses catering to the needs of every organization.