OSHA Safety

OSHA safety regulations are developed to protect workers from workplace accidents and injuries. These rules and regulations promote a safe work environment.

3 Qualities To Look For In OSHA Compliance Courses!

In the year 1970, in the US, there was an uproar in the country and in the Congress against the increasing cases of death and injury to the workers in their workplace. Thus, legislation named Occupational Safety and Health Act was passed as a countermeasure. The act provided for the creation of a regulatory body called the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that made it mandatory for all employers to have in place safety measures for their employees and also make guidelines to protect them. This is why OSHA compliance courses have assumed critical importance these days.  If you are [...]

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4 Top Reasons Why Incident Reporting Is Essential

While all workplaces are bound to suffer from occasional safety incidents, many employees do not report them promptly. They refuse to do it because they believe it will not yield any results, or their managers might fail to investigate those unwanted events or happenings. Whether you are a small-size business owner or a global player, you should motivate your staff to conduct incident reporting. It will help understand the root cause of different safety incidents and develop successful measures to prevent them from happening in the future.  Although many companies are committed to offering their employees different online OSHA training [...]

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Everything You Must Know About Patient Abuse & Neglect Training

Abuse and neglect can happen to any patient in any form. The intentional or negligent actions by nurses and caregivers that can harm the patients are deemed patient abuse. It can be physical, mental, or sexual. However, it has been seen that patients with mental or physical disabilities or elder patients are usually at a higher risk of abuse and neglect. That's why it is necessary to have proper training and prevention methods to stop such acts. OSHA compliance courses of patient abuse & neglect training would help end such practice in this era of growth and development. Keep on [...]

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Everything You Need To Know About OSHA Medical Training!

Hospitals or other medical facilities can become one of the most unsafe places to work for your employees if they do not have adequate OSHA medical training. These employees are exposed to chemicals, drugs, and infec犀利士 tious diseases every day. Unless they have the proper training, they are at risk of degrading their mental and physical health and can also put others, including patients, at risk. Thus, OSHA regulations require employers to have specific rules and a mechanism for their workers to follow to ensure their safety, security, and good health. Why is OSHA Medical Training Important?  As already mentioned, healthcare [...]

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What are the Benefits of Compressed Gas Safety Training in the Workplace?

What do compressed air waste and injuries from compressed air typically have in common? A lack of education regarding compressed air equipment. That’s why it is important to provide proper compressed gas training. By providing gas training, you’re not only educating your workforce on one of the most expensive utilities in your facility but ensuring that they have the know-how to work with the compressed air equipment safely. Employees have varying job functions, which means they’ll interact with the compressed air system in different ways. Organizations should also know OSHA compressed gas training requirements.  An employee has many benefits from getting compressed gas safety [...]

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Back care/Ergonomics with Evolve E-Learning – Help Protect Your Staff Now

Training is an essential element to an ergonomics program success since most ergonomics training programs emphasize a hands-on approach to understanding the importance of correct ergonomics to avoid and prevent injuries. Back injuries, often caused by poor lifting techniques, wear-and-tear during competitive sports or stretching of the muscles without proper warm-up are the most common causes of back injuries. With Evolve e-learning your staff can easily learn about muscle pulls, tears, numbness, nerve-tensions and other injuries caused by repetitive stress and learn ways to minimize accidents and injuries to avoid serious ergonomic injuries. The online course is designed to bring [...]

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Why is infection control training important?

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are infections that people get when they are receiving treatment for their surgical or medical conditions in different healthcare settings. Most, if not all HAIs can be prevented. Modern healthcare facilities employ a variety of different procedures and invasive devices for treating patients and helping them recover from their respective conditions. Devices and equipment used in medical procedures and procedures themselves are sources of infections. Mortality and morbidity in the US are associated majorly with HAIs. A significant increase in the healthcare costs in the country every year is also related to HAIs. This makes controlling HAIs [...]

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