HR & EEO Training Solutions

Promoting a workplace free of harassment and discrimination can pay dividends to all organizations. Increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and a harmonious work environment are just some of the benefits of a respectful, harassment free workplace. In addition to strengthening professional relationships, once employees are aware of the situations that can cause harm to their colleagues, then they will become more aware of their own actions.

Providing your employees training on the key sexual harassment prevention, harassment and discrimination prevention and ethics in the workplace topics will increase the awareness of what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior in the workplace. It sends a message to all your staff that your organization prioritizes a harassment and discriminatory free workplace.

Evolve e-Learning’s EEO training solutions cover all the essentials and provide a stimulating educational experience including animation, audio narration, knowledge checks, realistic scenarios and end-of-course assessments. Our course offering includes mandated state specific training for employees and supervisors in California, New York and Illinois

Our courses are developed for organizations of all sizes and can be delivered on the Evolve LMS or easily integrated into your own LMS ensuring that all course updates are done seamlessly with no additional files to upload.

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    What are the Benefits of EEO Training Solutions?

    There are many advantages to administering our EEO training solutions. Your team members will learn a wealth of information about important subjects like diversity, ethics and cultural competency. This type of training will provide your employees with valuable knowledge that can help improve retention, avoid liability, encourage better performance and more.

    California & New York Training

    As part of our EEO training solutions, Evolve e-Learning offers a 2-hour course on sexual harassment prevention mandated for supervisors in California and sexual harassment prevention training for California. We also provide sexual harassment prevention courses for New York employees and managers.

    Human Resources & EEO Compliance

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    Healthcare Compliance Complete - 14 Course Bundle
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    Healthcare Compliance Ultimate - 23 Course Bundle
    OSHA Training for Healthcare Bundle
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    Medical OSHA Courses
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