Privacy is an essential element of the medical industry. Employees serving in this industry need to monitor the patient’s health and are also required to protect their medical history. Therefore, employees working in the healthcare sector need to take the HIPAA test to ensure that he has become fully compliant and fully equipped with all the information essential to maintaining the patient’s privacy. 

But, who all needs to take this test? Do all people working in the healthcare sector need to pass this test? Let’s look at the covered entities that need to take the test to become HIPAA compliant.

Healthcare Workers Training

  1. A Healthcare Service Provider 

The first group of people includes individuals who are healthcare service providers. Any healthcare service provider individual must undertake a HIPAA test to comply with its rules and regulations thoroughly. The group of individuals includes Doctors, Psychologists, Dentists, Chiropractors, Nursing Homes, Pharmacies, and Clinics. They all have access to the patient’s health information and medical history. Therefore, they need to become fully compliant to protect the patient’s medical information. 

  1. Healthcare Plans 

The second group includes a group of entities that offer healthcare plans and insurance plans to their customers. It provides health insurance companies with HMOs, company health plans, Medicare, and Medicaid. All these entities have direct access to a person’s past and present medical history. Therefore, HIPAA states that all these entities should participate in a HIPAA training video program to understand the importance of a patient’s medical information and how to keep it confidential.  

  1. Healthcare Clearinghouses

According to HIPAA regulations, a healthcare Clearinghouse is any entity or group that facilitates and processes the information received from a company in a nonstandard format into a standard design or vice versa for the company. All these entities are engaged in processing a patient’s data; therefore, they are required by the HIPAA to undergo the training, so data breaching should not occur at any cost. As per HIPAA training requirements, how often the workout should take depends on the entity’s size; however, it generally occurs periodically. 

Where Can You Get HIPAA Training? 

If you are working in the healthcare industry, you need to undergo proper training to become HIPAA compliant. Suppose you search for a reliable online platform to enroll in a HIPAA training video program. In that case, you can count on Evolve Technologies, Inc. We have different training programs that can help you become fully compliant with HIPAA regulations. Please reach out to us to know more about our training programs and courses.