With the advent of technology and multiple social media platforms, sexual harassment has started even when individuals are miles apart. One can be a victim of work-related sexual harassment even when they and their harasser are not physically present at the workplace.

The repercussions of Online sexual harassment at the workplace are real. The harassment adversely affects an employee inflicting emotional distress and trauma on the victim.  Sometimes, the victim might also choose to step down from her or his position out of fear and shape. To eliminate this possibility, the participation of employees in the appropriate harassment training is essential.  

Harassment Training

What is Online Sexual Harassment? 

It can be defined as unwelcome sexual conduct via any digital platform. Some types of online sexual harassment include- 

  • Making inappropriate comments and remarks
  • Forwarding pornographic and similar content
  • Unsolicited comments about someone’s gender
  • Online stalking 
  • Use of sexual innuendos and jokes
  • Making online sexual advances  

The acts of sexual harassment through online platforms can take place anywhere, including the workplace. Employees must stay vigilant while talking or responding to any person on any digital platform. 

How does online sexual harassment take place at work? 

Online sexual harassment can take place anywhere, including the workplace. Suppose your colleague or manager is unprofessional to the point of harassing you via SMS, emails, or any other digital tool. In that case, you may file a case against your employer for harassing you online. Online sexual harassment in the workplace can occur by forwarding inappropriate jokes in a group chat or sending pornographic content to colleagues. Vulgar messages, posting intimate conversations publicly, and showing gender sexual biases via email all come under online sexual harassment at work.  

How can online workplace harassment training help an organization? 

Every organization should invest in online workplace harassment training to curb the issues of online harassment at the workplace. It will help train employees and other staff members to prevent online sexual harassment, law, and appropriate code of conduct that employees should follow in an organization.

Due to the prevalence and damaging effects on an organization, employees, through this training, will learn to prevent and eliminate online sexual harassment at the workplace to create a safe work culture for everyone. Online training for employees is the first and most crucial step in preventing and combating online sexual harassment at the workplace. 

The training guides employees to report the harassment incidences to the managers instead of hiding them for fear of shame. The employees can print out emails or materials they believe have crossed the line and send them to their senior managers. The training educates employers and managers about various protocols they can stick to when an employee files a complaint. These protocols help employers deal with and combat online sexual harassment in their organizations. 

Final Thoughts 

With the proper online workplace harassment training, an organization can create a safe, happier, and harassment-free working environment. Training is a long-term investment for every organization as it helps create a workplace that fosters a sense of care and support for employees. 

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