Abuse and neglect can happen to any patient in any form. The intentional or negligent actions by nurses and caregivers that can harm the patients are deemed patient abuse. It can be physical, mental, or sexual. However, it has been seen that patients with mental or physical disabilities or elder patients are usually at a higher risk of abuse and neglect. That’s why it is necessary to have proper training and prevention methods to stop such acts. OSHA compliance courses of patient abuse & neglect training would help end such practice in this era of growth and development. Keep on reading to get the inside scoop of the training in detail.

Patient Abuse & Neglect Training

What is Patient Abuse and Neglect?

Numerous patients suffer from abuse, and cases go unreported and unrecognized due to less knowledge of detecting and reporting abuse. Abuse can consist of physical, neglect, financial, sexual, and verbal abuse that can take place in any institutional or community setting among any group. Patient abuse refers to intentional harm to a patient, whereas neglect is when any caretaker or nurse does not meet a patient’s essential needs.

What are the Types of Patient Abuse? 

Abuse can lead to devastating consequences, including physical and emotional harm and even death. Below, we are mentioning some of the kinds of abuses that a patient needs to face:

  1. Sexual Abuse

Patients can be sexually assaulted by in-home caretakers or even the nurse. Unwanted touch, sexual contact, or groping all is considered sexual abuse. Sadly, this type of crime is usually committed against elderly people and those who are disabled and not able to give any response. To prevent such abuses in your organization, you must go for OSHA medical training for healthcare. 

  1. Physical Abuse

Physical abuse of patients occurs when they suffer physical injuries and bodily harm. They can be punched, kicked, and shoved. They can even be tied up with rope or something similar. Some common signs of physical abuse are bleeding, swelling, or broken bones. OSHA safety courses for healthcare workers would help to get away from such abuses. 

  1. Emotional and Psychological Abuse

Emotional and psychological abuse is the most common type of abuse that a patient may face. In this type of abuse, a patient gets insulted and even receives threats. A patient may develop long-term psychological problems like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety. Some common signs of emotional and psychological abuse are isolation, mood swings, irregular sleeping and eating patterns, and even being scared.

  1. Financial Abuse

Financial abuse refers to that type of abuse when staff steals money or something valuable from the patient by manipulation and fraud. The abuser may steal a patient’s credit card, cash, or other valuables without their consent. OSHA compliance courses for Patient Abuse and neglect training would provide in-depth knowledge of such abuses and how to get rid of them.

How Can Patient Abuse and Neglect Training Help?

  • Through this training, your staff will get to know all types of patient abuse and its characteristics.
  • Learn how to recognize common signs of patient abuse and neglect.
  • Determinate the importance of prompt reporting and proper documentation.
  • Clarify ways to prevent patient abuse and neglect.

This training will eventually help your organization grow into a safer and more secure place.

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