Hospitals or other medical facilities can become one of the most unsafe places to work for your employees if they do not have adequate OSHA medical training. These employees are exposed to chemicals, drugs, and infec犀利士
tious diseases every day. Unless they have the proper training, they are at risk of degrading their mental and physical health and can also put others, including patients, at risk. Thus, OSHA regulations require employers to have specific rules and a mechanism for their workers to follow to ensure their safety, security, and good health.

Medicare Compliance Training

Why is OSHA Medical Training Important? 

As already mentioned, healthcare workers are constantly exposed to health hazards like disease-causing pathogens, medical waste, and radiation from medical equipment. It puts their health at risk, and there is always a chance of injury or disease. With adequate OSHA Medical Training, healthcare staff become aware of these risks. It also trains them in handling these hazards to reduce the risks associated with them. 

Key OSHA Standards to be Followed by Healthcare Professionals 

OSHA is authorized by an act of congress to issue standards to be followed by all healthcare professionals. These standards, nine in number, are listed below for your help.

  • Hazard Communication Standard– To ensure that employees understand the hazards associated with the chemicals and drugs in the medical facility. 
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Standard-  Employees should understand the risks associated with bloodborne pathogens and handle them with care. 
  • Ionizing Radiation Standard- This hazard applies to facilities having X-Ray services. Employers should make sure that there are restricted areas to prevent radiation exposure. It should also be made sure that workers handling the X-Ray machines do it wearing protective gear only. 
  • Exit Routes Standards- Employers should have emergency exit routes to ensure safe evacuation in case of any mishappening. 
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)- Employers should ensure that workers are provided with PPEs if required.
  • Fire Safety Standard- There should be a mechanism in place for the safety of the workers and the staff if a fire breaks out. 
  • Emergency Action Plan – The employer should have an emergency action plan in place and train his employees beforehand on what needs to be done if there is an emergency.
  • Medical and First Aid Standard- Employers should ensure medical and first-aid supplies for employees and staff. 

Know About OSHA Compliance Courses! 

While there are so many things employers need to do to ensure the safety and security of their employees at their workplace, it is always good to have some help. OSHA compliance courses can help you provide your workers with the required training. These courses are designed to inform employees about the various hazards they will be facing while they work. These also make sure that all the OSHA standards that we have just mentioned above are followed during the training. 

Get OSHA Medical Certification! 

Many medical certification courses can help you train your healthcare employees and make your workplace safe, secure, and OSHA-compliant. 

These courses are designed as per the needs and the required standards. You can reach out to Evolve e-Learning Solutions, which provides OSHA compliance courses, to learn more about these.