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Designed with you in mind

The Evolve Learning Manager LMS provides all the tools necessary to administer and manage your organization’s training programs. Training administrators and managers can have access to the the Administrator Dashboard that simplifies training administration, provides advanced charting and reporting, provides important information about current training status. The system can be easily tailored to the way you’ll use it and includes customization and branding options to meet your organization’s branding.

Intuitive Interface, Scalable Architecture & Rapidly Deployed!

Evolve e-Learning offers the most scalable, flexible and affordable training solution in the industry with the Evolve Learning Manager LMS. Getting started is easy, fast and affordable since we host the LMS for you. While you don’t have to install and manage servers and load and setup software, you still have full administrative control of the Evolve LMS and your employee training and development programs.

Powerful and Flexible Reporting

Getting the information you need to manage your training programs is essential. The reporting tools in the Evolve LMS provide that and more! Taking full advantage of the information collected by your LMS requires you to transform raw data into actionable analysis and meaningful business measurements.

User Friendly Graphical Interface

Apart from the user friendliness, the Evolve learning management system provides an intuitive graphical interface for all users. Menu functions are always just a click away to access desired functionality for Students, Administrators, Instructors and Managers.

Brian J.

Smooth process from start to finish!

Sheryl H.

Great communication – just awesome!

Linda E.

We have been using Evolve for years, I love having everything in ONE place.

Mary K.

Evolve is amazing to work with. So responsive and always willing to help- even if it’s a quick and simple question.

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