Support Contact Information

Our support team can be reached at support@evolveelearning.com or by phone at (866) 571-4859 #2. Our support team only provides support to designated customer training administrators, not to individual learners.

Support Contact Information2018-11-23T07:26:36-05:00

Support Hours

Our support hours are M-F 8:30AM - 6:00PM except on some nationally recognized holidays.

Support Hours2018-11-23T07:25:43-05:00

Why doesn’t my course open?

The courses open in a separate window so learners must ensure that popup blockers are turned off in their browser or the course will not display.

Why doesn’t my course open?2019-01-16T22:31:28-05:00

Course Bookmarks

If a course is started and you need to go for a phone call, etc you can exit the course, and it will "bookmark" the page you were reading/listening to till the course is started again.

Course Bookmarks2018-11-23T07:27:18-05:00

Course Features

All of the courses we deliver are SCORM 1.2 conformant. The HIPAA, Medicare and all OSHA and EEO courses contain an end of course assessment which must be completed with a minimum passing score of 80% to achieve a completed passed status. The course also include audio narration, exercises and provide bookmarking.

Course Features2018-11-23T07:27:08-05:00

Creating a new report

The ability to create a new report is determined by the permissions assigned to the user's security role. In typical configurations only users with the security role of Administrator and eLearning Administrator have the permissions to create a report. Users with other security roles may be granted permission to view existing reports.

Creating a new report2018-11-23T07:25:10-05:00

Registering users for training with registration keys

Our online store is integrated with our learning management system so you can begin training with your purchased courses in a matter of minutes. The system generates registration keys for purchases allowing for self-registration into the training courses. This convenient method allows you to purchase courses for multiple learners and then distribute the registration key(s) to the learners so they can register themselves in the LMS, enter the registration codes of the purchased course(s) and begin training immediately. You will receive an order confirmation email after you complete your purchase with your registration keys. The email also includes the following [...]

Registering users for training with registration keys2019-03-28T20:06:41-04:00

Configuring the LMS

The LMS is very configurable to allow customers to tailor the functionality to fit their training requirements. Authorized administrators are able to add or delete LMS functionality by using the Content Manager. They can also change the menu structure and the functionality that displays on new or existing pages.

Configuring the LMS2018-11-23T07:25:00-05:00

How does setup work?

Setup is a quick and easy process since we do the work for you. We'll setup your portal, putting in branding information, setup your departmental structure and more so you can begin training without having to learn a new software system.

How does setup work?2018-11-23T07:24:50-05:00
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