Why doesn’t my course open?

The courses open in a separate window so learners must ensure that popup blockers are turned off in their browser or the course will not display.

Why doesn’t my course open?2019-01-16T22:31:28-05:00

Creating a new report

The ability to create a new report is determined by the permissions assigned to the user's security role. In typical configurations only users with the security role of Administrator and eLearning Administrator have the permissions to create a report. Users with other security roles may be granted permission to view existing reports.

Creating a new report2018-11-23T07:25:10-05:00

Configuring the LMS

The LMS is very configurable to allow customers to tailor the functionality to fit their training requirements. Authorized administrators are able to add or delete LMS functionality by using the Content Manager. They can also change the menu structure and the functionality that displays on new or existing pages.

Configuring the LMS2018-11-23T07:25:00-05:00
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