HIPAA Compliance Certification

HIPAA Compliance Certification for Healthcare Workers

HIPAA requires covered entities, healthcare organizations and business associates to train new employees to be HIPAA certified upon hire. However, compliance doesn’t stop at initial HIPAA training certification, so it’s important for organizations to make sure employees have a working knowledge of how HIPAA applies to their day-to-day job at all times. In this technological age, with communication methods constantly evolving, it’s easy to forget who is obligated to maintain confidentiality and what kind of information requires privacy. At Evolve e-Learning, we grow with technology to make organizational learning easy and keep your company up-to-date on HIPAA training. Contact us today or browse our courses to start your training today and get your HIPAA certificate.

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What is HIPAA?

HIPAA, enacted in 1996, stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act with the dual goals of making health care delivery more efficient and increasing the number of Americans with health insurance coverage by allowing individuals to keep health insurance when going between jobs. This Act is also responsible for health care information and electronic billing standards and requires confidentiality and protection of individuals’ health information. Additionally, there are HIPAA rules in place regarding the disclosure of legitimate need-to-know information. Learning what those rules are and when they apply is critical when working in the healthcare industry.

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HIPAA Certification

What is HIPAA Certification?

HIPAA compliance certification is essentially training. Some companies do offer a physical certificate showing that an individual took and passed a course on the subject, but that certificate does not show proof of compliance. In fact, that’s why it’s so important for health care professionals to continue training on the subject. Marathoners don’t stop running after one race, so why should your organization stop learning about responsible HIPAA practices after one course?

Organization Will Learn

What Your Organization Will Learn

In our HIPAA compliance training courses, your organization will learn:

  • About The Rules for Disclosing Protected Health Information
  • Who Is Responsible for Maintaining Patient Confidentiality
  • What Kind Of Information Requires Compliance
  • Privacy & Security Rules
  • Electronic Security
  • And Much More to get you HIPAA certified

What Consequences Can Organizations Face If They Don’t Conduct Training?

If you don’t train your employees to be HIPAA certified, you may face civil or criminal penalties, termination, charges of ethical violation and loss of license. Following HIPAA training requirements is crucial to your organization’s success and maintaining the ability to practice.

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HIPAA Certification Cost

What Does HIPAA Certification Cost?

Our HIPAA Privacy & Security Awareness Training can be individually purchased for $15.00. However, we at Evolve understand every organization has different needs and want to help you and your organization find the right training bundle for you at discounted rates for large groups. Contact us today to discuss HIPAA training bundles and more for your healthcare organization today.

HIPAA Privacy And Security Awareness training

Does a HIPAA Training Certification Expire?

HIPAA typically requires organizations to train employees once and then provide periodic refresher training. Most companies provide training annually, and this is considered a best practice. With regulations frequently updated, it may feel difficult to stay current. While your HIPAA certificate won’t expire, it’s crucial to be aware of the latest updates.

Get HIPAA Certified with Premium Training from Evolve e-Learning

With Evolve e-Learning Solutions, your team receives high quality training to ensure their ability to protect patient healthcare information.  Our HIPAA Privacy & Security courses are crucial for the success of healthcare organizations and business associates across the nation. We offer the proper tools and resources to provide your employees with HIPAA certification, including Texas HB300 & HIPAA Compliance. Customers also receive discounts on course bundles of our most popular compliance courses. Reach out today to learn more and get top-quality HIPAA training certification.

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