HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It is a law passed by the United States Congress in 1996 which concerns mainly regarding health and health insurance. It was enacted as an attempt to increase health care reform. As an organization, it is important for the healthcare industry, to have HIPAA training. Someone who has access to protected health information needs to comply with the same.

The course of HIPAA training certification is developed for the front line supervisors, students, workers, volunteers, and trainees who work with the protected health information that includes health providers, healthcare clearinghouses, and health insurance companies. Although not limited to it, HIPAA training for hospitals, clinics, group practices, are some of the examples of the covered entities under this law. They have specific requirements that they must follow for protection and disclosure of patient health information.

  • With technology getting so ahead of its own, HIPAA training is available online as well. There are many benefits to getting the certification done online.
  • As there are ever-changing regulations and requirements associated with audits and inspections, you get up-to-date training online.
  • You can simply log into your account, read the necessary materials and give the tests to determine if the information is internalized.
  • You can do it sitting at your home, comfortable in your bed when you have the time.
  • There is no extra staff required to take care of the training needs, and thus it is an affordable process.
  • The training management process gets simplified as the manager can simply add the employees to the training list, add the necessary courses for completion, and monitor the process.

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