Sexual harassment is any type of unwanted or unwelcomed sexual activity that is done with the motive of intimidating any employee or a normal person. The one who harass can be a senior, co-worker, your friend, your neighbour or your relative too.

In present time, sexual harassment cases are increasing at an alarming rate. The survey reports of sexual harassment indicates that around 70% people face sexual harassment at work and public places and even at home.

Preventing Sexual Harassment for Employees - Evolve e-Learning Solutions

Although various measures have been taken to prevent such acts but still there is no hault for online sexual harassment in the society.

Online sexual harassment training- A step towards the betterment of people

The very first step to protect employees from sexual harassment includes educating all the members on the acceptable behaviors and sexual harassment. The employer should make arrangements for online 24*7 self placed online sexual harassment training.


Sexual harassment training program is important for every individual so that they can recognise and report the cases to the management. The individuals include:

  • Employees
  • Managers
  • Contract workers
  • Supervisors
  • Volunteers
  • Online training for employees

Online training for employees help them to know the thin line between inappropriate approach, unprofessional behavior and discrimination.

Major factors that make the online sexual harassment training important for everyone.

  1. The sexual harassment training helps an organisation to increase the productivity. When you give enough training to your employees, they feel like they are being valued and this ultimately helps in increasing the productivity.

  1. Most of the employees are concerned about their safety and security. By providing them training, you can make them feel like they are in secure environment and hence the employees can work freely.

  1. Such types of trainings improve the culture of a society. Hence, these types of training in an organisation are the best ways to develop an acceptable behavior in working place as well as in society. People can live their life without any fear and burden.

Final thoughts

Sexual harassment trainings are very much required these days. In case, you are looking for the best online sexual harassment training, feel free to contact Evolve e-learning for best training to your employees.

The training is available for managers, employees and supervisors and you can rely that this training will be best for your organizational growth.