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Find the plan that works for you!

We deliver multiple options for online training course delivery and training management to fit the requirements for each of our customers.  Review the functionality matrix below to determine the right learning management system solution for your organization.  Regardless of your choice, you can be sure you will experience fast setup, competitive pricing and receive personalized support for your licensed products.

  • Shared Portal – Generally selected by smaller customers.  Training is setup on a LMS portal with other customers.  System security ensures that customer data is not shared with other customers.

  • LMS Essentials – Larger customer who only need to deliver training that is licensed from Evolve but want their own company branding and enhanced administrative control.

  • LMS Complete – For larger customers that need to deliver content licensed from Evolve as well as content they create or have licensed from other 3rd party content developers.  This option provides for full administrative control and access to all LMS functionality except ecommerce.

  • Multi-Portal – For our largest customers who need to have multiple and separate branded portals.  This option provides the customer with complete control and access to all LMS functionality. Customers manage this option on their own hosting server.

Course DeliverySharedLMS – EssentialsLMS – CompleteMulti-Portal
Evolve Licensed Courses
Document-based Courses
Customer Courses
3rd-Party Courses
NotificationsSharedLMS – EssentialsLMS – CompleteMulti-Portal
New User Email
Customize Emails
CC Emails to Administrator
Course Reminders
Course Completion
Quick Emails
ReportingSharedLMS – EssentialsLMS – CompleteMulti-Portal
View Reports
Export Reports
Create Reports
Customize Reports
Email Reports
Quick Reports
Training AdministrationSharedLMS – EssentialsLMS – CompleteMulti-Portal
Full Administrative Rights  
Administrator Dashboard  
Create Course Groups 
Create Learning Paths 
Bulk Upload Users 
Flex Departments 
Registration Keys
Optional FunctionalitySharedLMS – EssentialsLMS – CompleteMulti-Portal
Single Sign-on
HRIS and 3rd Party Integration
Ecommerce – Online Store
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