In light of the "Me Too" movement and countless other reports of inappropriate conduct in the news, sexual harassment training has never been more important in the workforce. A person's occupation, age, race, educational background, income level or ethnic group does not make them immune to experiencing or taking part in harassment. But there are important steps your organization can take in preventing sexual harassment from occuring at all.

Evolve e-Learning offers extensive an sexual harassment prevention training course to teach your team what behavior is and isn't appropriate and how to react if they experience or witness sexual harassment at work. With our online sexual harassment training, your staff will gain necessary skills to help them identify the act and prevent it from taking place.

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    Sexual Harassment Course Objectives:

    After utilizing Evolve e-Learning’s sexual harassment training for employees, your team will be able to:

    • Understand their rights and responsibilities regarding sexual harassment in a work environment
    • Identify sexual harassment behaviors they witness and report them
    • Recall and apply strategies to help prevent sexual harassment.
    • Reach out to the appropriate federal agency to report a sexual harassment incident

    What is Sexual Harassment?

    Sexual harassment is defined as behavior characterized by unwelcome and inappropriate physical advances or sexual remarks at work or in a professional or social situation. It is unlawful to commit sexual harassment and it’s known as discrimination. With sexual harassment prevention training, your organization can take steps to proactively avoid this misconduct from taking place.

    What Are Some Common Examples of Sexual Harassment?

    Any sort of behavior that is sexual in nature and unwelcome is typically classified as sexual harassment. It can occur verbally, non-verbally and physically. Cat calls, looking a person up and down and brushing up against another person are just a few common examples of sexual harassment which can occur at work.

    What are the Benefits of Sexual Harassment Training for Employees?

    Sexual harassment training provides your team with vital skills to maintain a respectful, positive work environment. Additionally, it helps your organization eliminate loss of productivity, poor performance, disruptive work environments, loss of employees and managers and prevent workplace harassment.

    What Do Recent Studies of Sexual Harassment at Work Conclude?

    According to a study conducted by the EEOC Select Task Force, 90% of employees who experience harassment never file a formal complaint. Of that 90%, 75% of them never complain to their employers either. The same study reported 60% of women experience “unwanted sexual attention, sexual coercion, sexually crude conduct or sexist comments” in the workplace. There’s never been a better time to conduct sexual harassment training.

    Administer Sexual Harassment Online Training from Evolve e-Learning and Establish a Respectful Workplace

    At Evolve e-Learning we recognize that every individual has the right to work in a harassment-free environment. That’s why we combine essential knowledge with efficient strategies in our sexual harassment course. Our goal is to provide your staff with the necessary skills and insight into identifying sexual harassment and what the law states and how to effectively report it. To learn more about Evolve e-Learning’s sexual harassment training and get a free trial, contact us today!

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