Registering users from online store purchases

Our online store is integrated with our learning management system so training can begin training in a matter of minutes.  You don’t have to send us a list of learners to upload.

The system generates registration keys for purchases allowing for self-registration into the training courses. This convenient method allows you to purchase courses for multiple learners and then distribute the registration key(s) to the learners so they can register themselves in the LMS, enter the registration codes of the purchased course(s) and begin training immediately.  As described below, you can also register them for training using the following steps.

You will receive an order confirmation email after you complete your purchase with your registration keys. The email also includes the following simple steps for entering registration key(s). Be sure to check your spam filter if you do not receive the email in your inbox.

Note:  If you are purchasing courses for employees in your business or organization, be sure to enter your company name during the check-out process.  This will trigger automation in our training system to create a separate department just for your organization.  All of your users will be setup in this department and you will be automatically setup as a Manager in it and will have access to the reporting tools for training status and completions.

Navigate to the ECOM training portal at 

1.Click the “Register” buttons.

Online store course registration

2. Create a username, Enter First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, Confirm.

3. Check the “Registration Key”

User Registration

4. Paste or enter the Registration Key (if you have more than one key, select the + sign to add more.

5.  Click the “Register and Sign In Now” button.  The user is now registered for the licensed training.

6. All users will receive an automated email notification with their username, password, link to the training site and instructions on starting their training.

User Registration

Fast User Registration!

  • Purchase courses through our online store.

  • Receive registration key(s) for licensed courses.

  • Setup users in training system with registration keys.

  • Users received automated email with login credentials and begin training.