OSHA Training for Healthcare Workers & Medical Offices

Did you know that the healthcare and social industry is responsible for more injured workers annually than any other sector? With hazards like bloodborne pathogens, chemical exposure and radioactive materials, it’s no wonder why. That’s where Evolve e-Learning comes in. Our online OSHA training for healthcare workers is designed to provide professionals in this industry with the proper knowledge and skills regarding safety and health. With the Workplace LMS administrative tool, our OSHA healthcare training is perfect for healthcare organizations looking to keep their workers safe. Contact us today or browse our courses to get your company set up with Evolve e-Learning today.

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    What is OSHA?

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was founded in 1970 to set and enforce standards for a safe and healthy work environment. As part of the United States Department of Labor, OSHA oversees private-sector workers in all 50 states. Since its inception, work-fatality, injury and illness rates have been drastically reduced.

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    Why Take OSHA Training?

    Healthcare organizations are especially liable to safety and health-related concerns. In order to protect your employees, proper training is crucial, not just upon hire but throughout their careers. Refresher training on OSHA healthcare regulations and standards is highly suggested by many safety experts and can help minimize work-days lost to job-related injuries, illnesses and disabilities. Keep your company and employees out of risk with online OSHA training for healthcare professionals.

    What Are OSHA Healthcare Regulations?

    OSHA holds standards and regulations in the following areas:

    • Hazard Communication
    • Bloodborne Pathogens
    • Ionizing Radiation
    • Emergency Action Plans
    • Fire Safety
    • Medical and First Aid
    • And More
    HIPAA Certification

    How Often Should Employees Receive OSHA Healthcare Training?

    It is highly recommended that healthcare employees receive annual OSHA healthcare training. While completion cards don’t expire, the healthcare industry is one of the most dangerous industries when it comes to safety and health risks. Industry leaders focus on ensuring a safe work environment through effective and consistent training.

    What Are the Consequences of Non-Compliance with OSHA Healthcare Regulations?

    When an employer fails to comply with OSHA healthcare regulations, the employer has prior knowledge of existing hazards that could impact employees’ health or safety and chooses to do nothing to correct it. Possible penalties include being fined and facing jail time.

    Get Top-Notch OSHA Medical Training From Evolve e-Learning

    Evolve e-Learning offers numerous courses and training bundles designed for the healthcare industry. Our OSHA courses cover everything from backcare and hand hygiene to chemical and radiation safety. You can also enroll in our Healthcare Compliance Complete 14 Course Bundle to help keep your employees and work environment safe. We offer discounts to large organizations and are willing to help tailor a training bundle suited for your company or industry, so contact us today.

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