Behavioral Based Interviewing

Behavioral Based Interviewing

Behavior Based Interviewing allows you to structure both behavioral interview questions AND the many other critical non-behavioral questions you need to have answered to truly assess a candidate’s “fit”.

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Behavioral Based Interviewing Tookit

Interviewing is a skill and poor interviewing skills can lead to poor hiring decisions and costly turnover.  It takes quality instruction and lots of practice to truly become an expert. With our totalView™ Behavioral Based Interview Toolkit, you’ll learn the OMNIview patented “Behavior Based Interviewing” approach, which is the most complete interviewing process in the world.

Behavioral based interviewing allows you to structure both behavioral interview questions AND the many other critical non-behavioral questions you need to have answered to truly assess a candidate’s “fit”.

The set of six courses is designed for Human Resources, Recruiting, Training and Development and Line Leaders.  the totalView interview Toolkit takes approximately 3-3.5 hours to complete both the online course section as well as the on-the-job exercise.  Each learner is licensed for all 6 courses in the toolkit.

This behavioral interview training helps you build the skills needed to successfully interview for fit and get a totalView™ of the candidate. With six courses, covering six topic areas, interviewers and hiring managers now have the tools they need to be successful interviewers.

The following six courses make up the totalView™ e-learning Toolkit.

Discover what interviewers must do to make a good hiring decision.

Building our skills to conduct behavioral interviews will help us make the best hiring decision.

In this course you’ll learn about the fundamentals required for behavioral interviewing.

Learn how to conduct behavioral based interviewing for a behavioral response.

While all types of interview questions can provide valuable information, behavioral description questions are far superior when it comes to predictable job success. The best strategy for maximizing the results from a pre-employment interview is to use the Blended Interview™.

This course will teach you how to conduct a successful Blended Interview™ using behavioral descriptive questions, to enable you to ask the right questions, to get the right information, to make the best hiring decision.

Find out how to evaluate candidate responses from behavioral based interviewing.

In order to hire the right person for any job, you must be able to accurately and effectively rate their skills and capabilities during the interview process. Using behavior based questions and good follow-up questions can help you gather the information you need to evaluate competencies.

This course will build your skills and capabilities to evaluate candidate responses to make great hiring decisions.

Build your skills to conduct effective behavioral based interviews.

There are five key steps for conducting a behavioral based interview. This course will review each of these steps and help you prepare for your next interview using these critical steps. When you take the time to prepare for an interview, you will be better equipped and ready to apply these essential techniques and thus conduct a more successful interview.

Learn how to truly assess a candidate’s fit for the position.

The Blended Interview™ is a pattered, yet flexible interview that elicits the varieties of information needed to make an informed selection decision. And even though non-behavioral questions can be helpful in gathering information, Behavioral Description Questions provide the richest, most useful information to assess a candidate’s fit for a role.

For this course, you will pull together all the information you’ve learned so far and focus your energy towards conducting effective Blended Interviews™.

Understand what you need to know from a legal perspective when interviewing candidates.

Interviewing brings legal responsibilities. It’s up to you and your organization to make hiring and promotion decisions based on a fair and legally credible system. Interviewing is subject to both state and federal laws, which define legal and illegal practices in all aspects of hiring. It is important to check for any state hiring regulations that might apply.

This course will present the information you need for these main federal regulations, as well as information to help guide your interviewing questions. Use this information as you plan each and every interview you’ll perform.

Our behavioral based interview training is here to help you hire the best fits for your team and get the most out of your employees. To get started,  contact us today!  

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