How to Work Successfully From Home

//How to Work Successfully From Home

How to Work Successfully From Home


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How to Work Successfully from Home

When You Work from Home…

Working from home is different. Even though your work responsibilities do not change when you go from working in an office building to working from home, how your work gets done will be different, as are the distractions and obstacles. Therefore, it is essential that we understand the challenges when we work from home and know how to create the right home work environment to ensure we are successful and productive.

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The How to Work Successfully from Home courseware will help anyone prepare to be successful when working from home. Whether you work from home full-time or just a few days here and there, these courses will highlight what everyone needs to think about, plan for, and do to ensure work gets done at a high level, with quality, and on time.

How to Work Successfully from Home Courses

Each course is approximately 15 minutes in length, can be completed at the learner’s own pace, and is mobile responsive (adjusting to any screen size and orientation).

  1. Preparing to Successfully Work from Home

         Find out what is required to be a successful teleworker

  1. Being Productive When Working from Home

          Understand how you can be a productive and effective teleworker

  1. Being a Good Virtual Teammate

         Know what is required to become a great virtual teammate

Do your supervisors and managers know how to successfully manage remote teams?

Most supervisors or managers know how to manage their teams who work in their offices but do they have the training and skills to manage a remote team?  The Remote Leadership course toolkit provides the skills companies and other organizations should provide to their supervisors and managers to successfully manage their remote teams.

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