Complete Training Setup for Fast Implementation

Our goal is to provide our customers with a turnkey solution for compliance and development training by combining our industry leading courses delivered on the Workplace LMS. We accomplish this by providing complete setup and implementation so customer staff members can begin training as soon as possible to get the fastest return on their eLearning investment.

Our support team does the work getting your training setup so you don’t have to get LMS functionality training to get started.  You send us your learners and tell us which training they need to take based on their job roles and we do the rest.  We setup the initial training assignments, load your learners into the LMS and after testing to make sure everything is correct, we register your learners for training and go-live.  Each learner receives an email notification with their login credentials, link to the training site and instructions.

We then train your administrators on your live data to perform the most commonly used training administration functions.

Training Setup and Support
Moodle Workplace LMS

Fast LMS Setup

We complete the LMS setup so you can begin training in just a few days. This includes LMS branding and organizational setup.

Course Loading

We load the courses you license from Evolve into your training tenant so training can get started quickly.

Setup Learning Paths

We’ll setup the initial course assignments and course programs so learners are automatically registered for training.

Register Learners for Training

We’ll import the learners into the LMS which registers them for their courses based on their defined criteria.

Moodle Workplace LMS user setup
Workplace LMS Certifications

Administrator Training

We train your training administrators to use the administrative functionality of the LMS after training is live.

Ongoing Support

While we don’t anticipate issues, our support team is just an email away to respond to any support questions.

Learning Management Systems

User Friendly

The Workplace LMS delivers a modern, user-friendly graphical interface for learners, managers and administrators for ease of navigation and administration.

Social Media Management

Completely Scalable

The Workplace LMS is hosted by Amazon Web Services and can be scaled to meet the needs of almost all healthcare organizations.

Workplace LMS for healthcare learning, training and compliance

Keep your healthcare staff’s knowledge and skills up-to-date with Evolve e-Learning Solutions healthcare compliance training courses and the Workplace LMS that makes it easy to provide training, certification, and continuing education. Make sure you never fall behind on regulatory and compliance training. Moodle Workplace acts as a centralized hub for managing and tracking employee certifications, ensuring that all staff members are up-to-date with the latest compliance standards.
Ensure you are meeting your legal obligations by creating recurring automated certifications for compliance and regulatory training. Set up automated reminders and notifications for your staff before time-sensitive certifications expire to keep everyone up to date. Easily track your employees’ progress in compliance courses and schedule automated reports for the relevant manager or compliance officer.