Why doesn’t my course open?

The courses open in a separate window so learners must ensure that popup blockers are turned off in their browser or the course will not display.

Why doesn’t my course open?2019-01-16T22:31:28-05:00

Course Bookmarks

If a course is started and you need to go for a phone call, etc you can exit the course, and it will "bookmark" the page you were reading/listening to till the course is started again.

Course Bookmarks2018-11-23T07:27:18-05:00

Course Features

All of the courses we deliver are SCORM 1.2 conformant. The HIPAA, Medicare and all OSHA and EEO courses contain an end of course assessment which must be completed with a minimum passing score of 80% to achieve a completed passed status. The course also include audio narration, exercises and provide bookmarking.

Course Features2018-11-23T07:27:08-05:00
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