A simpler, smarter enterprise learning platform!

Moodle Workplace is a flexible enterprise learning management platform that combines the best features of Moodle LMS with advanced tools for workplace learning.

Whether you’re rolling out a new online employee onboarding process, or want a streamlined employee training system that saves time and drives performance, Moodle Workplace is your end-to-end eLearning solution.

Make sure you never fall behind on regulatory and compliance training. Moodle acts as a centralized hub for managing and tracking employee certifications, ensuring that all staff members are up-to-date with the latest compliance standards.  Our courses delivered on Moodle Workplace ensures your organization compliance training requirements will always be up-to-date with engaging and interactive training courses.

Workplace learning management system
Moodle Workplace LMS

Automate Onboarding and Compliance Training

Moodle Workplace makes it easy for managers to create tailored training pathways and onboard employees by automatically assigning learning and granting competencies to individuals or teams based on tailored or dynamic rules.  With automation, managers can turn learning programs into certifications to streamline compliance training.

Programs/Learning Paths

Maximize content reutilization with Shared Programs and establish training paths for employees. Managers can group courses and content into programs and allocate them to multiple teams or learners. They can also view progress reports for their teams in the dashboard while learners track progress with their assigned programs or courses on their dashboards.

Certifications for Onboarding & Annual Training

Create recurring and automated certifications for programs that need to be retaken within a defined period and keep your employee certifications and compliance training up to date.  Managers can also schedule a ‘recertification’ which can be the same Program or a different one – for example, a Refresher program with dates one month before a certification expires.

Evaluate the Impact of Learning

The Report Builder allows managers to build custom reports for audiences in a drag-and-drop interface with instant preview. Data insights help managers adapt and improve learning programs to drive better employee performance.  Reports can be scheduled to be sent automatically to different audiences.

Moodle Workplace LMS custom reporting
Evolve LMS

Dynamic Rules

Save on your admin time by automating common processes such as unattended user self-registering, enrolments, certification allocations, messaging and lots more with a set of ‘if this then that’ rules that you can define, template and save. For example, if a user has completed a course, then automatically enroll them into the following course.

Organizational Structure

Adapt the platform to your company structure defining roles and hierarchies that automatically create reporting lines. Assign management rights and security permissions to each role then automate tasks based on departments and positions and define tailored audiences for your reports.

Learning Management Systems

Navigate learning content with “My Courses”

My Courses is a stand-alone dedicated page that summarizes all the learning assigned to an employee in a learning hub, including enrolled, available or past courses.

Managers can create learning journeys for their staff by combining different courses into learning programs and learning paths. All programs, courses and course subsets are linked so that managers and employees can easily navigate within and between learning programs and courses.

Learning Management Systems

Manage team performance with “My Teams”

“My Teams” provides managers or department leads visibility into team members, including tracking employee roles, learning path progress, course completion status and certifications. Managers can generate individual or team reports obtaining insight into individual or team performance and learning program effectiveness.

Administrators can also create additional custom pages on the primary navigation to customize the dashboard for a particular audience.

Learning Management Systems

Create single sign-on with identity provider

The streamlined sign-in accommodates Single Sign-On with support for a wide range of standard single sign-on providers (Google, Microsoft, Facebook) and also custom authentication plugins. Single Sign-on plugins can also be configured by tenant in our business learning management system.

Social Media Management

Always-on security

With world-leading privacy and security features, Moodle is continuously tested and monitored through our security program with Bugcrowd. This ensures that any bugs are detected and fixed quickly, reducing the impact of vulnerabilities and security breaches.

Workplace LMS for healthcare learning, training and compliance

Keep your healthcare staff’s knowledge and skills up-to-date with Evolve e-Learning Solutions healthcare compliance training courses and the Workplace LMS that makes it easy to provide training, certification, and continuing education. Make sure you never fall behind on regulatory and compliance training. Moodle Workplace acts as a centralized hub for managing and tracking employee certifications, ensuring that all staff members are up-to-date with the latest compliance standards.
Ensure you are meeting your legal obligations by creating recurring automated certifications for compliance and regulatory training. Set up automated reminders and notifications for your staff before time-sensitive certifications expire to keep everyone up to date. Easily track your employees’ progress in compliance courses and schedule automated reports for the relevant manager or compliance officer.

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