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Designed to Deliver Organizational Compliance & Development Training!

The Workplace LMS is a cloud-based learning management system designed to deliver and manage organizational compliance and development training. The LMS features rules-based automation to easily register groups of learners into individual courses, course groups and/or curricula based on their specific criteria. It’s advanced reporting, email notifications and flexible organizational structure gives training administrators ultimate control of their training programs.

The certification functionality automates workflows related to managing and renewing certifications, allowing Admins to set expiration dates for certifications to manage renewals.

The Evolve learning management system is securely hosted to ensure uninterrupted access to training and security of your training data.

Business Intelligence

Powerful and Flexible Reporting

Getting the information you need to manage your training programs is essential. The reporting tools in the Workplace LMS provide that and more. Taking full advantage of the information collected by your LMS requires you to transform raw data into actionable analysis and meaningful business measurements.

Simple Learner Dashboard

Learners access their assigned training using any mobile device, laptop or desktop connected to the Internet.  Bookmarking allows learners to start a course on one device and finish on another.

Advanced Email Notifications

Use the system’s advanced email functionality to automatically send email notifications from the LMS to students for new users, course enrollment emails, course reminder emails, course completion and course status change emails and more.  Easily send copies to department administrators.

User Friendly Graphical Interface

The Workplace learning management system provides an intuitive graphical interface for all users. Menu functions are always just a click away to access desired functionality for Students, Administrators, Instructors and Managers.

Learning Management Systems

Automated Rules-Based Course Assignments

Automatically assign training to learners based upon rules you create. Whether by department, job title, location, job category or any combination of learner or organizational information, the LMS will automatically assign courses to learners based on rules you create.

  • Individual courses and course groups
  • Automatic re-registration into courses and course groups
  • Setup courses for delayed enrollment
  • Automated email reminders
Learning Management Systems

Simple Training Administration

The Workplace LMS provides all the tools necessary to administer and manage your organization’s training programs. The system can be easily tailored to the way you’ll use it and includes customization and branding options to meet your organization’s branding.

  • Setup Custom-Fields for rules-based course assignment
  • Bulk upload for learners, departments, course information and more
  • Easily configure the LMS modules you’ll use
  • System wide email notifications
Learning Management Systems

Powerful and Flexible Reporting

Getting the information you need to manage your training programs is essential. Our powerful reporting tool gives instant access to critical learning data by using a simple interface for advance filtering and sorting of training data and customization.

  • Export reports to Excel, .csv and .pdf for further analysis and review
  • Advanced data filtering and sorting
  • Field chooser to to easily drag and drop data fields into reports
  • Schedule reports to email to selected users
Social Media Management

Branded Training Portal

License a branded training portal and have full administrative control of your training portal and brand it to your own custom theme. Options include delivery of Evolve’s and your own training content, Single Sign-on, or integration with your HRIS.

  • Full administrative control of the training portal
  • Custom color themes and logos
  • Option to deliver your own training content
  • Deliver SCORM, web and document-based courses

Setup and Support Services

Our setup services will ensure your complete satisfaction by working with you to configure the LMS to meet your training needs and goals.  We will load any content you license from Evolve and setup the initial course assignments.  We’ll also setup your departmental structure and configure the modules you’ll need to achieve success.  We’ll help you configure the multiple email notifications for new users, course enrollments, course reminders and load your learners into the LMS and register them for their assigned training courses.  Your administrators will have complete administrative control and will receive the training they need to independently manage the Evolve LMS.

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