Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance Training

Corporate Compliance Training

Abiding by the laws and regulations behind corporate compliance is a crucial part of any business’s success. Evolve e-Learning’s corporate compliance program is here to help. Our courses give your staff the knowledge and tools to comply with compliance law and can save your organization money from potential fines. From the False Claims Act to the Stark Law, our corporate compliance training covers important laws that protect federal health plans from fraud and abuse. Along with explaining anti-corruption laws, we also inform your staff on how to recognize and handle situations that could breach corporate compliance.

At Evolve e-Learning, all of our courses are presented in an engaging design to provide an enriched, stimulating learning experience. Large organizations even receive discounts on course bundles featuring our most popular corporate compliance sessions. Get ready to educate your staff on the core concepts of business ethics, appropriate codes of conduct and more! To set your team up for success and administer Evolve e-Learning’s corporate compliance training, contact us today!

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Corporate Compliance

What is Corporate Compliance?

Corporate compliance is a company’s way of ensuring all staff members follow procedures and policies to help prevent and detect violations of laws and regulations. Corporate compliance training from Evolve e-Learning gives your team all the essential skills and knowledge to act lawfully and helps you avoid legal risks.

Compliance Risk

What are the Six Types of Compliance Risk?

The six types of compliance risk are as follows:

  • Environmental
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Corrupt practices
  • Social responsibility
  • Quality
  • Process risk

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