With an ever changing and evolving society, Americans are continuously becoming more and more diverse. The US workforce is experiencing an increase in the amount of races, religions, ethnicities and sexual orientations employed. With diversity training, your team learns the value of inclusion and how to establish a respectful work environment in the current market. Evolve e-Learning offers extensive diversity and inclusion training to help your employees work efficiently and treat each other fairly.

Our diversity and inclusion in the workplace training examines factors that contribute to increased diversity and provides effective strategies to help employees support an inclusive work environment. This course also gives your team the skills to spot non-inclusive behavior and explains the appropriate actions to take. When you administer our diversity in the workplace training, you set your staff up for success and lay the groundwork for respectful conduct.

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    Online Diversity Training Objectives

    After your organization undergoes our diversity and inclusion training, your team will be able to:

    • Accurately define diversity and factors that contribute to its increase in the workforce.
    • Explain the concept of inclusion and how it helps create a diverse workplace.
    • Comprehend and value the role, behaviors and benefits of diversity in a work environment.
    • Identify four effective strategies they can utilize to establish and support inclusion at work.
    • Recognize behavior that isn’t inclusive and what action(s) to take.

    What is Diversity?

    When referring to a work environment, diversity is the understanding that each employee is unique and recognizing each of their individual differences in a respectful manner. Many contributing factors play a role in diversity like race, ethnicity, gender, religion, political views, sexual orientation, socio-economic status and age.

    Why is Diversity and Inclusion Training in the Workplace so Important?

    Diversity and inclusion training increases your team’s cultural awareness, knowledge and communication skills. It can also greatly benefit your company by helping to prevent civil rights violations, increasing inclusion of different identity groups and promoting teamwork. Overall diversity training is essential to preventing workplace harassment.

    What is Inclusion?

    Inclusion in the workplace is thought of as an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and equality. It entails everyone having equal access to opportunities and resources and can fully contribute to a company’s success. Inclusion is important because it empowers your team to share their insight and grow together in a fair, professional atmosphere. It also invites deeper discussions, as each employee possesses his or her own unique worldview.

    How Can You Promote Diversity in the Workplace?

    Your organization can proactively promote diversity in the workplace. Creating diversity friendly policies and building diverse teams are very important steps in supporting a diverse work environment. Another crucial way to promote diversity is by providing diversity training for your employees.

    Support Inclusion in the Workplace with Diversity Training from Evolve e-Learning

    When you provide your employees with a positive, productive work environment, you set your organization up for success. By supporting inclusion and diversity, you also promote teamwork, productivity and respectful communication. With our diversity e-learning course, your organization gains essential knowledge and tools to establish inclusion and maintain a healthy, efficient work environment. Contact us today to learn more about Evolve e-Learning’s diversity training and get a free trial!

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